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Recently, I have bought a new Wacom tablet, the Intuos Pro.
I wanted to share my thoughts and my short experience with it, since
I couldn't find any sincere review about it in my opinion. In addition I wanted
to see if there is someone else who feels the same.
So, I've been using my old tablet ( the Intuos 3) for like 8 years...
I really loved that tablet, it really served me well during all those years.
What I really liked about it was the smooth surface.
With time, the surface got scratched. So at some point it was kinda annoying to draw on it.
Therefore I bought some replacement for it. the only problem was that the replacement sheet didn't
cover the entire work area as it should. that's because my Intuos 3 was A6 wide and not a regular A6. Wacom doesn't provide any replacement sheet for my specific model.
So, I decided to buy it anyways, although I already knew it's going to be smaller.
Actually it wasn't that bad after all, the surface itself was smooth again and it was great.
But after some time it started to feel annoying that it doesn't cover the entire work area, since it
caused some issues in the parts were the old surface and the new one meet.
Accordingly, I've decided that maybe it's about time to upgrade.
So the Intuos Pro seemed like the right choice.
Although there is the Intuos pen and touch model, which has the same pressure sensitivity as my Intuos 3,
I've decided to go for the advanced model- the Intuos Pro, that has even more sensitivity and even has a touch function.
I thought it's going to be a great tablet, a whole new smooth surface and all....
But unfortunately I was disappointed.
Well you may wonder why and how.
Turns out that Wacom replaced the regular smooth surface with a textured surface or some other shit.
My problem with that surface is that there is like more friction feel to it while drawing.
I had to do some research about it, since I had no idea about that new surface.
From what I read the whole idea to put a textured surface was so people could
feel like they are drawing on paper.
In my opinion it mostly feels annoying, and it makes a lot of scratchy sounds that make me believe that I am ruining the surface.
Basically the Intuos Pro has no surface replacements as the previous models, since Wacom
says it suppose to be more durable than the previous. So actually you don't need to be afraid you'll
fuck up you surface.
It's kinda sounds like bullshit, because the friction causes the nib of the pen to wear down pretty quickly.
A worn out nib has a less rounded tip, which may scratch your surface eventually....
So I was kinda pissed and had no clue what the hell I'm going to do....
Apparently, after some extra research, turns out many other people hate that surface as well.
In addition, since there are no replacement covers for that model anymore it seems like there is
no solution....
However some users pointed out about something that may work.
There is a company called "Posrus" that actually sells screen protectors for cellphones and tablets,
but also sells screen protectors for Wacom tablets.
The thing is, it's a not an official product by Wacom, so it's your problem if you don't
install it properly on your tablet, or might lose the touch functions....
Nevertheless I wanted to give it a try, since this tablet already sucked and I had no better alternative...
The cover arrived pretty quick, and it came with clear instructions.
It was pretty easy to install it, and the good thing about it that it covers the entire tablet
( not only the "active area", which is pretty new since the intuos 5(?) that the active area where you are able to draw is lighted).
Although I've got it today, and tried it for a couple of hours I already think it's an improvement.
It doesn't have the exact smoothness like my old intuos 3 in my opinion, but it guarantees at least that you won't
screw your surface that easy.
Overall I think it's the best solution out there yet to this shitty surface problem.
So I hope I will be able to get used to my new tablet now.
This is my experience with this tablet. I wish there could have been some decent review
about this tablet regarding the new surface instead of just praising the new features, because not that much are aware to it.
If there is someone else who would like to add something from his experience with this tablet
as well, or other tablets I would love to hear.
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